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The research interests of the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics range over a wide variety of topics. With reference to the areas covered by the 5 Divisions of the Department, research is centered about the following areas of specialization:

Division of Pure Mathematics: Algebra, group theory, general topology, geometry of manifolds, differentiable manifolds.

Division of Applied Analysis: Differential equations, special functions and orthogonal polynomials, dynamical systems and chaos, fluid mechanics, general relativity, quantum mechanics.

Division of Computational Mathematics and Informatics: Numerical solution of nonlinear systems, neural networks, celestial mechanics, educational software development, complexity of algorithms.

Division of Statistics, Probability and Operational Research: Probability theory, theory of statistical estimation, mathematical programming, optimization, stochastic processes.

Division of Mathematics Education, History and Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematical logic, fuzzy logic, problem solving methodologies, didactics and language of mathematics .