8:00 9:00 Registration

9:00 10:00 Welcome



9:00 10:00

Keynote KT1


Claude Brezinski

Estimations of the norm of the error in linear systems, with an

application to regularization




9:00 10:00

Keynote KW1


Elias Houstis

Problem Solving Environments (PSEs) in Computational Science &

Engineering Education and Training


9:00 10:00

Keynote KTh1


Michel Crouzeix

Some estimates in a non self-adjoint context



9:00 10:00

Keynote KF1


Yousef Saad

Efficient Linear Algebra Methods in Data Mining



Keynote KM1


Richard Varga

Three topics which I love: Gersgorin and His Circles, Brualdi

lemniscates, and Perron-Frobenius theory


10:00 11:00

Keynote KT2


Nicolas Papamichael

A class of orthonormalization methods for numerical conformal mapping


10:00 11:00

Keynote KW2


Paul Van Dooren

Graph matching with type constraints

(joint work with Catherine Fraikin)

10:00 11:00

Keynote KTh2


Vassilios Dougalis

Nonlinear dispersive wave propagation in two space dimensions the Boussinesq system

10:00 11:00

Keynote KF2


Bernard Mourrain

Solving polynomial equations with approximate coefficients


Keynote KM2


Volker Mehrmann

Sparse Approximate Solution of Partial Differential Equations

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11:30-13:30 Session T3




11:20-13:20 Session W3



11:30-13:30 Session Th3



11:20-13:40 Session F3


12:00-12:30 Break


12:30-13:30 Session M3


13:30-15:00 Lunch break

13:30-15:00 Lunch break

13:20-14:20 Lunch break

13:30-15:00 Lunch break

13:4014:30 lunch break



Keynote KM4


Hans Stetter

Numerical Analysis meets Commutative Algebra or My strange encounters with Computer Algebra(ists)



15:00 16:00

Keynote KT4


Daniel Szyld

Modern Krylov subspace methods for parabolic control problems



14:20 -

Excursion to Ancient Messini


15:00 16:00

Keynote KTh4


Lothar Reichel

Multilvel methods for ill-posed problems




14:30 15:30 Discussion Session


15:30 16:00 Closure



Keynote KT5


Michael Eiermann

Krylov subspace methods for matrix functions recent advances and

open problems



Keynote KTh5


Ronald Cools

An introduction to the world of lattice rules for multivariate integration



16:00 17:00

Keynote KM5


Panos Pardalos

From local to global in numerical optimization

17:00 17:20 Break

17:00 17:20 Break

17:00 17:20 Break


17:2018:20 Session M6


17:2018 :20 Session T6


17:2018:40 Session Th6

18:20 18:30 Break

18:20 18 :30 Break


18:30 20:30 Session M7



18:30 20:30 Session T7

18:40 19 :00 Break


19:00 20:00 Session Th7





Dinner & Happenings

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Session M3
  1. Some general determinantal identities of Sylvester type, M. Redivo-Zaglia, M.R. Russo
  2. Minimal sets alternative to minimal Gersgorin sets, Ljiljana Cvetkovic
  3. A new iterative criterion for H-matrices: The reducible case, M. Alanelli and A. Hadjidimos
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Session M6
  1. Iterative methods for comparing two matrices by means of isometric projections, T. Cason, P.-A. Absil and P. Van Dooren
  2. A matrix pencil approach achieving the computation of the Drazin inverse of a square matrix, G. Kalogeropoulos, A. Karageorgos, M. Mitrouli, A. Pantelous and D. Triantafyllou
  3. A new method on computing the Moore- Penrose inverse matrix, V.N. Katsikis and D. Pappas
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Session M7
  1. On the numerical estimation of pseudospectra of matrix polynomials, P. Psarrakos
  2. Condition numbers of polynomial eigenvalue problems and normal matrix polynomials, N. Papathanasiou and P. Psarrakos
  3. Computing pseudospectra via a pathfollowing, Vladimir Janovsky, Drahoslava Janovska and Kunio Tanabe
  4. On singular values of parameter dependent matrices, Vladimir Janovsky, Drahoslava Janovska and Kunio Tanabe
  5. Optimal parametrization of curves and surfaces, E. Kuznetsov
  6. First applications of a formula for the error of finite sinc-interpolation, Jean-Paul Berrut
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Session T3
  1. On the choice of knots in orthogonal collocation method, M. A. Bokhari and H. Al-Attas
  2. Fine asymptotics for Bergman orthogonal polynomials over domains with corners, N. Stylianopoulos
  3. Approximation of conformal maps, M. Lytrides and N. Stylianopoulos
  4. The finite section method and its stable subsequences, M. Lindner
  5. A collocation-like method for solving a first kind Volterra integral equation, E. Pelican
  6. A theoretical Investigation of the system of linear Fredholm integral equations and numerical experiments based on Hermite-spline interpolation, S. Shahmorad and B. Shiri
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Session T6
  1. On monotonicity of the Lanczos approximation to the matrix exponential, V. Druskin
  2. Exponentials of skew-symmetric matrices and logarithms of orthogonal matrices, J. R. Cardoso and F. Silva Leite
  3. Ratio based time parallel integration (RaPTI) for a second order differential equation, N.R. Nassif, N.M. Karam and Y. Soukiassian
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Session T7
  1. A discontinuous Galerkin shock-capturing scheme for the numerical solutions of compressible flow problems, I. Toulopoulos and C. Makridakis
  2. Finite difference approximations for a fractional advection diffusion problem, E. Sousa
  3. Recent results about the discrete maximum principle for higher-order finite elements, T. Vejchodsky
  4. New numerical method for first order nonlinear ODE's with retarded argument, A. Mihai Bica
  5. Convergence of fractional step mimetic finite difference discretisations for semilinear parabolic problems, A. Arraras, L. Portero and J.C. Jorge
  6. A posteriori error estimates for BDF methods for parabolic equations, G. Akrivis and P. Chatzipantelidis
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Session W3
  1. Numerical solution of the single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) problem, T.S. Papatheodorou
  2. Hodge decomposition to the solution of static Maxwell's equations in a polygon, F. Assous and M. Mikhaeli
  3. Numerical study of the attracting domains in a non-linear problem of Celestial Mechanics, M. Gousidou-Koutita and T.J. Kalvouridis
  4. Numerical Methods for thermomechanical coupling, P. Birken, S. Hartmann, A. Meister and K. Quint
  5. Variations of div-curl lemma in nonlinear electromagnetism, E. Janikova and M. Slodicka
  6. Error estimate for the time-discretization of a Maxwell system accompanied with the first order boundary condition, M. Slodicka and V. Zemanova
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Session Th3
  1. On combining model reduction and Gauss-Newton algorithms for inverse PDE problems, V. Druskin and M. Zaslavsky
  2. Quartic spline collocation for fourth-order boundary value problems, C.C. Christara, Y. Zhu and J. Zhang
  3. The fourth order of accuracy decomposition scheme for nonhomogeneous multidimensional hyperbolic equation, J. Rogava and M. Tsiklauri
  4. A numerical scheme for the cubic Schrodinger equation, A.G. Bratsos
  5. A numerical scheme for the Klein-Gordon equation, A.G. Bratsos and L.A. Petrakis
  6. The comparison and convergence theorems for the discrete analogous of initial-boundary problem to one diffusion equation, M. Tutberidze
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Session Th6
  1. Optimal convergence rate of the rational Krylov subspace reduction for problems with self-adjoint operators , L. Knizhnerman, V. Druskin and M. Zaslavsky
  2. On the optimal complex extrapolation of the complex Cayley-Transform, A. Hadjidimos and M. Tzoumas
  3. The Generalized Extrapolated SOR Method for augmented linear systems, M.A. Louka, N.M. Missirlis and F.I. Tzaferis
  4. p-Cyclic SOR for BVPs with periodic boundary conditions, Y.G. Saridakis, M. Papadomanolaki and E.P. Papadopoulou
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Session Th7
  1. Band plus Algebra preconditioners for BTTB Toeplitz Systems, D. Noutsos and P. Vassalos
  2. Accelerating an Inexact Newton/GMRES scheme by subspace decomposition, G. Pashos, E.D. Koronaki, A.N. Spyropoulos and A.G. Boudouvis
  3. A linear system generated by the strip-based projection model for discrete tomography, Xiezhang Li
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Session F3
  1. The Euclidean division as an iterative ERES-based process, D. Christou, N. Karcanias and M. Mitrouli
  2. On the length problem for normalized orthogonal matrices, C. Kravvaritis and M. Mitrouli
  3. Utilization of Meta-programming in Combinatorial Design Theory, I. S. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos and D. E. Simos
  4. On solving efficiently interval polynomial equations of degree n, I.A. Nikas and T.N. Grapsa
  5. Allocating stock market crises periods, G.S. Androulakis and E.G. Lisgara
  6. Properties of Google-like matrices and applications in PageRank processes, G. Kollias and E. Gallopoulos
  7. Using tensors and polynomials systems solvers to follow fibers in the brain, A. Ghosh, E. Tsigaridas, M. Descoteaux, P. Comon, B. Mourrain and R. Deriche
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