Patras and Αncient Olympia, 14 - 26 July 2004

Complexity, or the “study of complex systems”  is a new discipline, which has emerged out of the need to understand complicated problems of the Natural and Social Sciences. These problems generally involve many coupled variables and are characterized by unpredictable time evolution and/or highly intricate spatial patterns. In recent years, efforts to solve such problems have led to the development of the analytical, numerical and experimental methods of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry. 

International Scientific Committee:

Giulio Casati                Como                                    Grégoire Nicolis              Bruxelles

Leon Chua                    Berkeley                               Itamar Procaccia              Weizmann Institute

Thanasis Fokas             Cambridge                            Constantino Tsallis          Rio de Janeiro

Mukul Majumdar          Ithaca                                   Massimo Vergassola        Paris

Main Speakers:

 G. Casati                                 Como                         Ν. Lygeros                              Lyon                                                           

 G. Chaitin                               IBM, New York         Μ. Μajumdar                        Ithaca                          

 L.  Chua                                  Berkeley                    T. Mendonca                         Lisbon

 G. Contopoulos                      Athens                        E.  Mosekilde                        Lyngby

 P. Cvitanovic                          Atlanta                       Gr. Nicolis                                 Bruxelles

 R, Dvorak                               Vienna                        Sp. Pnevmatikos                      Patras

 S. Elaydi                                 San Antonio               Α. Provata                                Athens

 D. Farmer                               Santa Fe                      I.  Procaccia                          Weizmann

 S. Flach                                   Dresden                      M. Robnik                             Maribor

 Α. Fokas                                 Cambridge                   K. Sigmund                          Vienna

 T. Geisel                                 Göttingen                    E. Stanley                              Boston        

 F. Haake                                 Essen                           B. Shraiman                          Rutgers                              

 J. Hadjidemetriou                   Thessaloniki               C. Tsallis                               Rio de Janeiro

 K. Hizanidis                            Athens                        G. Tsironis                             Heraclion

  L. Iasemidis                           Arizona                       M. Velarde                             Madrid                       

  S. Ichtiaroglou                         Thessaloniki               M. Vergassola                        Paris

 Y. Kevrekidis                           Princeton                     L. Vlahos                              Thessaloniki


Sponsors:   University of Patras, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Technical Educational Institute of Mesologgi.

More information:

T. Bountis, Professor,   Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Center for Research and Applications of Nonlinear Systems

Department of Mathematics, University of Patras

Patras 26500  ELLAS  Τel./Fax: 2610 - 997-381