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REC2012_ The Fifth Conference on Reliable Engineering Computing [BRNO, Czech Republic. June 13-15, 2012]

CACS 2011_ The 2011 2nd International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science [Bali, Indonesia. 15-17 November, 2011]

MACIS 2011_ Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences [Beijing, China. 19-21 October 2011]

CISP'11/BMEI'11_ The 4th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing/The 4th International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics [Shanghai, China. 15-17 October 2011]

SUM 2011_ Fifth International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management [Dayton, Ohio, USA. 10-12 October, 2011]

AEM 2011 [CET 2011]_ 2011 International Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics [Shanghai, China. 28-30 October, 2011]

OR2011_ International Conference on Operations Research [Zurich, Switzerland. 30 August-02 September, 2011]

EURO_ Conference for young OR researchers [Cádiz Spain. 13-17 September, 2011]

ICNAAM 2011_ 9th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics [Halkidiki, Greece. 19-25 September 2011]

ISIPTA'11_ 7th international Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications [Innsbruck, Austria. 25-28 July, 2011]

WCSB2011_ 8th International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology [Zurich, Switzerland. 6-8 June, 2011]

EISTI_ International Conference on Swarm Intelligence [EISTI, Gergy, France. 14-15 June, 2011]

EDSI_ 2n Annual Conference of European DSI [Wiesbaden/Frankfurt, Germany. 24-25 June, 2011]

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