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Edited Volumes:

N. G. Pavlidis, D. K. Tasoulis, G. S. Androulakis and M. N. Vrahatis.
Exchange Rate Forecasting through Distributed Time-Lagged Feedforward Neural Networks,
In Supply Chain and Finance Series on Computers and Operations Research, 2, pp. 283-298, 2004.

D. K. Tasoulis, P. Spyridonos, N. G. Pavlidis, D. Cavouras, P. Ravazoula, G. Nikiforidis and M. N. Vrahatis.
Urinary Bladder Tumor Grade Diagnosis Using On-line Trained Neural Networks,
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2774:199-206. Springer-Verlag, 2003.