MSc Students

1. G. Thanassoulia, "Period Doubling Bifurcations in Conservative 2-D Mappings", University of Patras, May 1998.

2. Y. Exintaridis, "Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Some Linear PDE Boundary Value Problems", University of Patras, May 1999.

3. C. Georgalakis, "Study of the Dynamics and Breather Solutions of 1-Dimensional Non-linear Lattices", University of Patras, June 1999.

4. E. Tzanaki, "Nonlinear Analysis of Time Series of Seismological Data", University of Patras, June 2000.

5. C. Apokis, "Propagation of Solitary Waves in a Shallow Water Layer", University of Patras, March 2003.

6. P. Soulis, “Regular and Chaotic Motion in Sitnikov’s Circular 3-Body Problem”, University of Patras, October 2003.

7. A. Manos, “Regular and Chaotic Motion of Multi-Degree of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems”, University of Patras, October 2004.

8. Th. Vardaxis, “Analytical and Numerical Study of Nonlinear Models of Epidemiology”, University of Patras, July 2006.

9. E. Tsigaridi, “Soliton Solutions of a Generalized KdV for Shallow Water Waves”, National Polytechnic School of Athens, September 2007.

10. P. Yannopoulos, “Transport and Diffusion of Atmospheric Pollution by the Wind”, University of Patras, October 2007.

11. Α. Vlisidou, “Study of the Function of a Catalytic Converter Using Partial Differential Equations”, October 2008.

12. V. Soulioti, “Study of a Dynamical System in Discrete Time with a Linear Part and Discontinuity”, October 2008.

13. S. Koutsokeras, “Models of Population Evolution: Stable and Chaotic Dynamics”, March 2009.

14. M. Pashalidou, “Description and Study of Boundary Value Problems”, February, 2010.

15. D. Koliniati, “Study of Bifurcations and Normal Forms of Vector Fields”, February, 2010.

16. X. Papanikolaou, “Study of the van der Pol Equation in the plane and in the Presence of Periodic Perturbations”, April, 2014.

17. Ilias Panagiotopoulos, “Localized Oscillations in Nonlinear Hamiltonian Lattices”, October, 2014.

18. Dimitra Karatzia, “Ordinary Differential Equations of Physical Sciences and Applications of q-Distributions, July, 2016.

19. Evangelos Mitsokapas, “Statistical Mechanics and Entropy of Complex Systems”, July, 2016.

20. Christos Katsivelos, “Dynamics of Hamiltonian Systems and Localized Oscillations in a 2- Dimensional Lattice of Graphene”, December, 2016.