Why Do I Study Mathematics?

Because I love math and wish to obtain the necessary knowledge so that I can teach and further develop them.

The science of mathematics consists of a set of tools and logical reasoning that lead to solving real and simple problems in many sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, economics, etc. So, for example:

  • Secure internet transactions are based on Cryptography and Number Theory.
  • The amount of car insurance premiums (probability of a road accident and cost of compensation) is based on Probability Theory and Statistics.
  • Magnetic Resonance imaging is based on the Fourier Transformation Theory, ie the Applied Analysis.

A graduate of the Department of Mathematics gains:

  • Developed mathematical thinking. Variety of thoughts and thoughts that lead to challenges in both working life and everyday life in general.
  • Strong psychology and self-confidence.
  • A Department of Mathematics graduate gains the knowledge and skills necessary to teach maths in all levels of secondary education. Moreover, depending on the degree and type of specialization, it has acquired a set of knowledge that, apart from secondary education, is associated with specialized professional activities (with very good absorption of graduates in pharmaceutical, insurance, telecommunications, banks, etc.).

Why choose to study at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Patras?

  • The undergraduate program of the Department is structured in such a way that in the first five semesters the core courses are offered in order for the student to acquire the necessary mathematical background to choose one of the four offered, with different courses, according to his / her interests.
  • Our Department is staffed with research staff in areas such as Algebraic Geometry, Operator Theory, Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Modeling, Probability, Statistics, Operational Research, Numerical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Complexity and others
  • The building in which it is housed is located within the campus, where apart from all the faculty departments of the University, there is also a library, a food outpost, a university gym, a bookstore and a bank. Thus, in addition to the easy communication between the students of all the schools and the very good conditions of study, there are other services necessary for the service and better living of the students.
  • And the campus is located in a transport and tourist area, Rio, a short distance from Patra, which is the third largest city in Greece and is a beautiful and human city!