ERASMUS+ is the European Union's action program in the field of education which contributes to the achievement of a key European Union objective, the development of a knowledge-based society, providing Europe's citizens with high quality education and opportunities to renew this knowledge in throughout their lives.

The ERASMUS+ program offers students the opportunity to attend classes in other European countries and take advantage of the offered courses, gaining high level of expertise, broad understanding and international experience. At the same time, through the program, young people have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of mathematics and their language skills, while at the same time coming into contact with other cultures and learning styles. In a workplace that requires flexibility and adaptability, ERASMUS+ students take the first step in their career as professionals and scientists.

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Patras welcomes Erasmus+ students (undergraduate and post-graduate) under the bilateral agreements signed by our Department.

Information about undergraduate studies can be found here and about post-graduate studies can be found here. Doctoral students should contact individual faculty members.

For academic matters about courses offered, Erasmus+ students should contact Erasmus+ coordinator Assistant Professor Sotiris Kotsiantis. Other information (e.g. accomondation) should be addressed to the University of Patras International Relations Office at and

Erasmus + Studies Committee for the Department of Mathematics

Coordinator: Kotsiantis Sotiris, Assistant Professor

1. Arvanitoyeorgos AndreasProfessor
2. van der Weele Ko, Professor
3. Georgiou Dimitris, Professor
4. Tsantas Nikolas, Professor