From the academic year 2018-2019, the Department of Mathematics organizes and operates the new Postgraduate Program of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics "Thema" of the University of Patras (Government Gazette 1620 / τ. Β / 10-05-2018) according to the provisions of N 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 114 / m).

The Thema is a subject of theoretical and applied mathematics and their modern applications, based on the study of differential equations and mathematical modeling. The purpose of the program is:

  • the education and deepening of knowledge in the basic thematic units of Mathematics and their applications,
  • the creation of a high level of education in accordance with international standards that provide the necessary knowledge to enable graduates of the postgraduate course to have better academic advancement and professional rehabilitation,
  • to promote research in modern fields of Mathematical Science and, through the study of Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling, to Applications in Physical Science, Biology and Engineering Science.

The Postgraduate Program "Thema" is awarded a Diploma (BMI) in "Theoretical and Applied Mathematics" (MSc in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics). The total number of ECTS credits required to acquire BMI is sixty (60). The course is a semester. Teaching will be in Greek and / or English. In order to obtain BMI, students are required to attend and successfully attend six (6) elective courses and to successfully complete a diploma thesis. The duration of the program for the postgraduate diploma is two (2) semesters. Twenty (20) graduates or graduates of the Department of Mathematics or Applied Mathematics of the School of Sciences and Polytechnic Schools of the home and corresponding Departments of recognized Comrades of Institutes of Schools of Foreign Sciences and Polytechnics are admitted to the PMS. Candidates may also apply for a degree or diploma from the Department of Physics of the School of Sciences or Departments of Polytechnic Schools and of Higher Military Departments. The admission process (conditions and criteria) is detailed in the program operating rules.

Students do not pay any attendance fees for their studies.