ClassroomThe Department of Mathematics of the University of Patras maintains a tradition of attracting excellent students to whom it offers high-quality studies in mathematics. The education of our students is based on a four-year undergraduate program (8 academic semesters) consisting of two periods. The first period has duration of 5 semesters and offers a core of mathematical knowledge through compulsory courses. In the second period of 3 semesters, thematic affiliate courses are organized and combined into a solid scientific and educational unit to form one of the five directions offered:

  • Theoretical Mathematics, 
  • Applied mathematics,
  • Computer Science and Computational Mathematics,
  • Statistics - Probability Theory and Operational Research,
  • General.

Given the strategic decision for a single degree and the current physiognomy of the Department, the current curriculum ensures:

  • maintaining a strong core of 19 courses that is required for 100% of students of a mathematical department to fully hold,
  • the flexibility in choosing 17 additional courses according to the preferred course of study and the orientation of the students to further specialization.

The education of the students of our Department is carried out with courses, exercises, works, seminars, case studies, etc. The courses have a theoretical but also a tutorial / laboratory part. Tutorial / laboratory exercises are not independent lessons, but complement the teaching of each lesson, by enhancing the material that has been taught and the practical application of the knowledge acquired by the lectures. The tutorials and workshops are conducted in small groups of students, which enables them to actively participate.