Operations Research Models

The Transportation and Assignment Problems. A Simplex method for the Transportation Problem. Hungarian algorithm, a special algorithm for the Assignment Problem.
Network Model. Shortest-Route Problem. Minimal Spanning Tree Algorithm. Maximal Flow Model. CPM and PERT.
Decision Analysis.
Game Theory. Optimal Solution of Two-Person Zero-Sum Games. Solution of Mixed Strategy Games.
Dynamic Programming. Recursive Nature of Dynamic Programming (DP). Computations. Forward and Backward Recursion. Selected DP Applications: Equipment Replacement Model, Workforce Size Model, Traveling Salesperson Problem, Inventory Models.


Division: Statistics, Probability and Operational Research

Program of Studies:
Undergraduate Studies
Semester: G
Hours per week (Lec/Tut/L): 2/2/0
Code: ST435
Course type: Elective
Compulsory course for the specialization
"Statistics, Probability Theory and Operational Research"
Erasmus students: Yes