Mathematical Programming

Operations Research (OR). The origins of OR. The Nature of OR. Mathematic modeling and its role in.
Introduction to Linear Programming (LP). The LP Model. Assumptions of LP. Two-Variable LP Model. Graphical LP Solution. Computer Solution (LINDO). Linear Programming Applications.
Solving LP Problems: The Simplex Method. The Essence of the Simplex Method. The Algebra of the Simplex Method. The Simplex Method in Tabular Form. The Big M Method. The Two-Phase Method. Sensitivity Analysis. The Theory of Simplex Method.
Duality Theory. Primal-Dual Relationships. Sensitivity and Post-Optimal Analysis.
Integer Linear Programming. Integer Programming Applications. Using Binary Variables. The Branch-and-Bound Technique. The Branch-and-Cut Approach.

Division: Statistics, Probability and Operational Research

Program of Studies:
Undergraduate Studies
Semester: F
Hours per week (Lec/Tut/L): 2/2/0
Code: ST332
Course type: Elective
Compulsory course for the specialization
"Statistics, Probability Theory and Operational Research"
Erasmus students: Yes